33 Years of Experience

We think it says a lot to have many of the same customers we started out with in 1983. We work hard to become a trusted partner with them to advance their success.

G7® Master Printer

Since 2011, ARTECH has been recognized for consistently meeting G7® Master Printer Qualification status from IDEAlliance®. This rigorous standard not only puts us in an elite group of printers internationally who have been trained to print specific output requirements for color control. It means that we conform to stringent procedures to reliably render brand images and colors across locations and our various presses.  The G7® mark is just one more way we can assure our customers of our standard of excellence. Find out more at www.IDEAlliance.org.

PDAA Certified

Graphic installation on vehicles, walls, windows, floors, etc. requires a thorough knowledge of materials, tools, and techniques to ensure success and minimize failure. We have completed the requirements to be PDAA Certified.  This PDAA mark gives you the peace of mind that your installation will be in accordance to the highest standards. It also give us a network of other PDAA installers across the country so we can take care of your national installation projects with confidence.


The Specialty Graphic Imaging Association is a proactive, fast-moving association supporting the leaders of the digital & screen printing community. "Specialty imaging" comprises digital imaging, screen printing and the many other imaging technologies SGIA members use, including those they'll tap in the future. These are the imaging processes and technologies employed to create new products and to enhance existing products including point-of-purchase displays, printed electronics, membrane switches, signs, advertisements, garments, containers and vehicles.

Community Minded

ARTECH has always been involved in local organizations and projects designed to improve the quality of life for our employees and others. The owners have served on several boards and committies such as the Chamber of Commerce, School Board, United Way, Boy Scouts of America, Girl Scouts of America, etc.

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